Karts. Nitro. Action! SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety characters, tracks, and modes to play. Our aim is to create a game that is more fun than realistic, and provide an enjoyable experience for all ages.

In Story mode, you must face the evil Nolok, and defeat him in order to make the Mascot Kingdom safe once again! You can race by yourself against the computer, compete in several Grand Prix cups, or try to beat your fastest time in Time Trial mode. You can also race with up to four friends on one PC, or battle each other in multiplayer arenas. Network multiplayer modes are currently under development.

You can create your own characters, tracks, and arenas and share them with the SuperTuxKart community! You can do this by going to addons.supertuxkart.net.

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Full game (.tar.xz). Includes 32-bit and 64-bit binaries. Extract and run run_game.sh, which will automatically detect your architecture. Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for Linux

Packages for specific distributions (might not be the latest version)

  • Ubuntu: Latest version available is 0.9.1 for stable releases (17.04 has SuperTuxKart 0.9.2). Please use the static package.
  • Debian: Latest version available is 0.9.2, in Unstable.
  • Arch Linux: 0.9.2 available in the community repository.
  • Gentoo: 0.9.2 is available in hasufell’s games overlay here.
  • OpenSUSE: 0.9.2 is available in Tumbleweed; 0.9.1 is available in Leap 42.1.
  • Manjaro: 0.9.2 is available.
  • Mageia: 0.9.1 is available.
  • Fedora: 0.9.2 is available in Fedora 24, 25, and Rawhide. 0.9.1 is available in Fedora 23.

A list of packages for RPM-based distributions is available here.Windows

Full game (.exe) 64-bit Full game (.exe) 32-bit Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for 64-bit Windows Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for 32-bit Windows


Full game (.dmg) Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for MacOSX


Get on Google Play Store Get the APK for ARMv7 devices Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for Android ARMv7 Get the APK for x86 devices Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 for Android x86

Source Code

Full game (.tar.xz) stable release. To get the very latest code, see the page Source control. Torrent download: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 source code

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